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  1. 請將貨物加到購物車,我們會於24小時內確認你的訂單。
  2. 請選擇付款方法:
    • Paypal入賬
    • 銀行入賬
  3. 如本公司在確認訂單後1天內仍未收到有關付款, 該訂單將被取消
  4. 取貨方面
    由於本公司出售的貨物在香港甚為罕見,而且部份比較易碎及貴重,我們不希望在運送途中會打碎及遺失,所以所有易碎物品,包括(陶瓷、玻璃製品等) 我們建議客人移玉步到本公司觀塘的辦公室取貨。請以電郵預先預約。





Purchase and payment methods:

  1. Please add your desired products in the shopping cart and check out, we will confirm your order within 24 hours
  2. Please select a payment method below:
    • Paypal
    • Bank Transfer
  3. If we don’t receive your payment within 1 days after the order confirmation, the goods will be released for sale again and your order will be canceled.
  4. Item collection:
    All our products are very rare and hard to find in Hong Kong and they are very limited in supply. Some of them are very fragile and heavy and we don’t want anything to get lost or break during delivery.
    Therefore we recommend you to come to our Kwun Tong office to check and collect your items. Advance appointment is needed to made before you come and can be made via our Contact Us page.

Return and refund policy:

Those items which checked by the buyer face to face, we do not accept any refunds or returns after the items have been checked, approved and taken away by the buyer.

For those mailing items. You have 3 days to decide if an item is right for you. Please send us e-mail if you want to return the items. We will refund the items, provided that it has not been damaged, soiled, washed, altered or worn and that all labels and tags are attached. All packing boxes and materials also need to return together.

All our products are very rare and hard to find in Hong Kong and they are very limited in supply. So we only accept refund by agreement but no exchange.


  1. 訂單完成後我們會於兩個工作天內出貨。(不包括星期六、日及公眾假期)
  2. 我們會用順豐速遞郵寄閣下物品。發貨後你會收到追蹤號電郵以方便閣下追蹤郵件
  3. 郵寄貨品到順豐站或市區工商地址為港幣20元,郵寄到家居地址為港幣30元,郵寄到偏逺地區為港幣50元
  4. 以上費用只包括商用地址及順豐站自取,住宅及偏遠地區要額外收取10元付加費,詳情請參考以下連結

Shipping Method:

  1. We will send out the goods within 2 days after order confirmation and payment settle (not include Saturday, Sunday and public holiday)
  2. Once the goods dispatch, we will send you the tracking number by mail.
  3. HKD20.0 delivery charge for shipment which ship to SF courier pick up centre or commercial and industrial distract, HKD30.0 delivery charge for shipment which ship to home address and HKD50.0 delivery charge for shipment which ship to remote area
  4. The above delivery charge only valid for commercial area and self pickup from SF station. For the residential and remote area, additional HKD10.0 delivery charged will be added. For detail please find the information below.